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For heartfelt ceremonies celebrating love, life and honouring loved ones.
I will work with you and yours to create a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

Personalised eulogy writing and funeral services

When we lose someone dear to us it’s a very emotional and heart-breaking experience. Planning their funeral service can be a difficult and daunting prospect, often done in a relatively short time frame in highly emotive conditions. You want to make sure you give your loved ones the perfect funeral service to celebrate their life, respecting their memory and is unique to them.

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This is where a funeral celebrant comes in...

A Funeral Celebrant will take on the responsibility to plan a fitting send off on your behalf. It is commonly thought that a funeral service must be held in a setting such as a church or a crematorium.  This doesn’t have to be the case, however.  You are free to hold a celebration of life memorial in any setting you choose, be that a place dear to your friend or relative’s heart, a family member’s home, or a private room hired in a local hotel, for example.

This can be especially important if the person who has passed away wasn’t particularly religious, meaning a traditional funeral would feel insincere and would not truly reflect the person they were in life.

Funeral services and celebrations of life start from £300 for local crematoriums, and £350 at alternative venues. 

Why I chose to become a funeral celebrant

Following the death of my father, and my involvement in arranging and speaking at his funeral ceremony, I realised this was my new passion.  I was able to give my dear Dad a very personalised farewell, and in so doing I found this helped me enormously with my own grieving process.

My eulogy writing and presentation during my training was described as “beautiful” by my tutor, Terri Shanks, founder of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.  I am now also a registered member of the fellowship, which is the largest organisation of independent celebrants across the UK and Europe.

Whether you are a Funeral Director or a member of the public, please be assured that I will write each eulogy and conduct every service with the same dedication and passion that I gave to my father’s ceremony.

Key Services I Can Provide

Funeral services - Funeral planning
Funeral services - Eulogy writing
Funeral services - Personalised services
Funeral services - Speech writing

My Role as Your Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant can provide an alternative send off to a traditional church or crematorium funeral. Although a burial can be held in a church or graveside service, not everyone realises that you do not have to hold the memorial service in a traditional setting.

Did you know you’re actually free to commemorate your loved ones in a place of your own choosing, with the coffin in attendance, as long as you have the location’s permission?  That may be a family home, a private room in a hotel or your local parish hall.

By choosing a Funeral Celebrant you will be able to plan a truly unique farewell, involving music and readings or poems that reflect the true personality of your dearly departed, in a respectful and dignified manner.

I will support you through the process of planning the perfect funeral service, ensuring the memorial is performed in a dignified and respectful manner, including personal tributes from friends and family.

You may wish to still have a religious element to your service, in which case I can help advise you of suitable readings, hymns, prayers or blessings you may wish to include.

Funeral services and celebrations of life start from £300 for local crematoriums, and £350 at alternative venues. 

Get in touch today and see how I can help you plan a fitting farewell for your loved one. 

How can I help you plan the perfect Funeral Service?

Here is a guide to the services I can provide to help you plan the perfect ceremony for your loved ones.

Initial Introductions


As your Funeral Celebrant, I have been appointed by your Funeral Director, or perhaps by personal referral, to conduct the funeral service at either the Crematorium Chapel of Rest, or graveside, or at a location of your own choosing. This could be at a local venue or at a family member or friend’s house.


I will initially contact you by phone within 24 hours, to ask if you would like to meet in person (adhering to social distancing and taking all precautions) or by arranging another telephone call when key family members can be present, or over the web via Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc.

Planning & Preparation


When we meet or speak I will ask you and any family members about your relationship and personal memories of your loved one, to build a personalised history of their life.  If you need help I can offer suggestions of content such as songs, hymns or poems.


I will prepare a first draft of the eulogy and Order of Service for you, ensure you are happy, the details are factually correct, it accurately describes the deceased and is in the correct tone. At all times, your wishes come first and I will be liaising with your funeral director to keep them up to date with progress.


The day before the service I will telephone you to check if there are any last-minute changes that need to be made.

The Day of the Service


On the day, your Funeral Director and I will work alongside each other to ensure smooth running of the ceremony.


A few days after the service I will send you a commemorative pack containing a full transcript of the service.

It's never too early to think about your funeral wishes

Would your loved ones be able to give you the final farewell you’d truly want?  No-one likes talking about death, much less there own, but it really is important to think about what you’d want when the time comes, and to make sure your nearest and dearest are clear on your final wishes too. Putting together a guideline of your wishes can help take the stress out of decision-making for your loved ones left with this task.

The Natural Death Centre have created these free worksheets, to help you start to think about your wishes and the choices you’d like them to make on your behalf.  Feel free to download them using the buttons below.

More information and guidance can be found on The Natural Death Centre website.

Code of Ethics

  • Individual funeral celebrants recognise the responsibility entrusted to them in their relationships with:
    • a) The bereaved they serve
    • b) The public at large
    • c) The profession of which they are a part
  • Specifically, they have agreed:
  1. To maintain all matters in the highest standard of professional and personal conduct.
  2. To respect in all circumstances that confidentiality of the family.
  3. To preserve the right of personal choice and decision making for the bereaved families and respect the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the deceased person.
  4. To provide accurate information concerning the services they offer, the prices of these services, and functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of the clients.

Code of Practice

  • I acknowledge that as a Funeral Celebrant being contracted by a Funeral Director I am committed to carrying out my duties within the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice set down by them.
  • I will encourage the family to personalise the funeral service, by way of poetry, music, photographs or any other way they desire.
  • I will not introduce my personal beliefs, prejudices or preconceived ideas.
  • After the funeral service I will not try to give the family any form of bereavement counselling, nor shall I make regular contact unless specifically requested to do so by the funeral director or the family.
  • No advancement of a personal or sexual nature should ever be made or responded to, as the security of the family and their vulnerability at a time of bereavement is to be protected at all times.

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