Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral Directors are there to help you with any questions you may have – please don’t think anything you ask is silly or trivial – everyone involved in the Industry is there to help you through these very difficult times.

The Celebrant will make the service or celebration of life all about the deceased and can include some religion, such as a hymn or the Lord’s Prayer, whilst the Minister will include quite a bit of religious text and not so much on the person themselves.

Usually yes, it depends on the crematorium with COVID19 rules.  Some crematoria insist on them closing so that the mourners cannot touch the coffin as they exit the chapel.

You don’t, it is part of the funeral costs from the Funeral Director, if you are using one.

Yes, I can hold a service or celebration of life wherever you wish it to be (as long as it is abiding by all current COVID guidelines).

No, it is entirely up to you. If you do want one you can design and produce it yourself – there is no right or wrong design. Some people like one to keep as a momento to be passed down the generations.

Yes, but under current COVID guidelines, only recorded hymns are allowed and mourners cannot sing themselves.

Yes definitely, the celebrant will check that you are ok just before asking you up to read it.  If you really cannot do it then another family member or the celebrant can do it for you.

You will often find that children are far more resilient and accepting than adults. There are ways to involve them in the ceremony – such as drawing pictures, lighting candles (electronic) etc.

Perfectly! In fact, if you have a family member who can play the organ most crematoriums have one. Also any instrument that is not a wind instrument can be played live i.e. guitar, harp, keyboard at the moment under COVID rules. You do have to allow time to get the instrument set up and you only have 20 minutes in total for the service.  You are able to arrange a double time slot however – ask your Funeral Director for further details on this.

You can have whatever songs you wish, as long as there is a recording of it somewhere, because currently under COVID singing is not allowed.

Yes, some crematoriums allow this – it is best to check with your local one to find out their policy on allowing pets at the service.

Yes, you can contact your Celebrant directly or go through the Funeral Director who organised the service for you.

You can have a flag for your loved one’s coffin if you have associations with the service, or indeed, the Funeral Director can source one for you.

Yes, many items can be displayed on or next to the coffin and you will get these back after the ceremony.

Your Funeral Director and Celebrant can help you with these – however if you are near a flightpath you may not be allowed to release balloons.

Yes, you can ask if the Funeral Director, Celebrant and mourners can wear the colour of your choice – you can also get colourful coffins too.

Depending on the crematorium this can be done by the Funeral Director or Celebrant.

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